‘Brother and Sister’


Just wanted to include these two images of our Kaden and his sister Megan. It is rare that they get to spend a bit of brother sister time together without the interference of the one and only ‘Mad Harri’

Who on this particular occasion was with with her Nan negotiating a separate challenge altogether. This involved her being connected into to a harness and then climbing around a complex series of obstacles in a heavy duty frame.

Which needless to say; she was in her element trying to complete.

In truth she had’nt even noticed the goings of Kaden and Megan who had long disappeared off to explore how to steer a battleship or something of the sort. Harri was much more focused on overcoming each of the skill levels and concentrating on all the climbing frame demanded of her. She was brilliant of course; no contest actually! But then Harri does like to master things quickly and refuses to be beaten.

Meanwhile Kade and Meg had a brilliant time together and were equally absorbed in what they were doing by the time I eventually located them both.


All I know is that we never had stuff like this when I was young.

Our biggest treat was a ride in my fathers VW Camper to the beach at South Shields. But if we were really lucky; then in between us picking out sand from Mums egg and tomato sandwiches; we were allowed to visit the fair and get to play the slot machines. Great memories though and those which I shall always treasure.

I vividly remember all us kids sitting in the back amongst all the picnic bags and chairs. The rear of the VW was just bare metal and without anything even resembling a seat belt between us all. We honestly slid all over the place each time the van brakes were applied and screamed in excitement when we saw the sea for the first time on the horizon ahead of us. They were some of the happiest times for me and my brothers and sisters.

Let’s hope that these days and memories are remembered with equal affection? I like to hope that somehow they will be.

2 thoughts on “‘Brother and Sister’

  1. I fondly remember the trips to the beach with my grandparents, watercress and cheese sandwiches (with grains of sand – aids in digestion). My grandparents always brought their little camper stove so they could have a fresh cuppa. And somehow we would always manage to accidentally ‘fall’ into the ocean (even in the dead of winter – then freeze our butts off all the way home. Great memories!

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