7 thoughts on “‘Impending Storm’

    • Hi Bess you lovely lady. Shortly after this shot we were pelted with hail and got drenched! It did look impressive though prior to this happening. Hope you and Bill are both good? X thanks for stopping by

      • Not far up the coast we also had a lot of rain. Thankfully it didn’t last long. The sun’s back out, just how I like it. We’re good thanks, Bob. Always a pleasure to pop in. 🙂 x

  1. Beautiful, striking photo. If I saw those weather clouds where we lived, I would say we are in for a tornado. That is some scary looking weather. Bet the air smelled strange too.

    • Firstly thanks so much for such welcome comments. You are right in your assumption about the smell in the air. It was very sinister just by its sheer dominance! Nice of you to stop by today

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