‘Paned Expression’

IMG_7350Whilst out walking the seafront I found myself strolling through the narrow cobbled streets of Old Portsmouth.

This is a quaint and very historical place where many of the dwellings overlook the harbour entrance with views over towards Gosport and the Spinnaker tower over at Gunwharf Quays.

I have often thought how nice it would be to own a property down here with the Still and West pub on your doorstep.

There are of course other equally desirable bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity all of which capture my interest each time I find myself over here.

On this particular day though I just happened to cross over one of the very narrow roads to take a closer look at a small fishing boat which was bobbing it’s way over the choppy waters to my immediate left; and to grab a quick photograph.

Once I had done this I was just about to double back on myself when I happened to glance up towards one of the town-house style premises which had the most glorious panoramic window to it’s front aspect; and which was interestingly displaying what looked to me like a stunning example of an old Spitfire aircraft propellor just resting there up against the toughened double glazing bay.

I raised the camera to take a shot when suddenly this most incredible elderly gentleman’s face appeared at the opposite window.

Wearing glasses and with this distinctly characterful head of wispy silver hair, he stopped momentarily to peer down at the people who were out walking the cobbles beneath his window.

I quickly snapped his image from behind the glass and this was the final result with only a minor degree of editing once I had returned home.

It is a shot which I found myself returning to view again and again; much more so than many others I have captured in the past.

I felt his facial expression had an almost haunting quality about it.

2 thoughts on “‘Paned Expression’

  1. What on earth was he thinking about. He looks aghast! Did you happen to see what he was looking at? Paned expression – I like that!!!!

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