‘The Blacklight Run’

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Last night saw myself and my better half standing on Southsea Castle field in the cold slightly damp night air.

We were there in our parental support capacity for my daughter Jodie and several of her close friends who were amongst hundreds of others setting out to complete the unique ‘5k Glow Run’

Luckily for many involved this is focused less on speed and more on UV Neon according to their website. Everyone whom we saw certainly had made an affort and were glowing brighter and brighter as the darkness of the evening drew in.

Participants involved were all of varying shapes and sizes and physical ability. Prior to the race they were showered with neon paint provided courtesy of the MC up on the entertainment stage. Music was loud and audience participation mandatory. It was all good clean flamingo pink fun; amongst many other colours you understand.

(I am still trying to get my flourescent camera cleaned as we speak.)

The party atmosphere went on throughout the run and at the completion even more powder cascaded over everyone present; making us all glow even more vividly before heading for the van where I had offered some of the girls a lift back home.

It really was a lot of fun. So well done girls and in particular to my daughter Jodie, and to Carleen and Nadine.

Here’s to next year!

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