‘A Seat of Learning’

IMG_9568No ipads no lap top computers and no mobile phones for these three individuals. Just good old pencils and paper.

I liked the fact that all three were so absorbed in what they were doing that I literally was able to walk straight over to this bench at which they were all sitting and unhurriedly compose this image in the viewfinder before snapping the shutter.

The lady on the left of todays image was meticulously relaying facts obtained from this large A4 sized notebook taken from her rucksack; whilst the colleague on her left carefully jotted down the relevant detail.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bench this elderly lady who was in no way related to the others; casually removed her spectacles from her handbag settled her walking stick in front of her and then carefully placed her glasses in their most comfortable position on her nose. She then unfolded this paperwork which you can see her holding in her hands before thoroughly scrutinising it’s content.

It’s strange how we each of us learn to retain or to relay information in such a wide variety of situations. For some this requires complete peace and quiet whilst for others a background of noise or music is their preference.

In this particular instance however it would appear that a busy Chichester high street was as good a place as any for these three individuals to catch up on their paperwork?

Quite obviously this had become a seat of learning for these three conscientious scholars; albeit temporary in nature.

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