IMG_9637Took a run across to Romsey yesterday. Only to sit for an inordinate length of time in a long and sometimes seemingly endless row of traffic.

Nothing much to do in traffic is there? So I occupied myself singing along to the tunes on the radio and admiring the slow ever changing scenery whilst taking stock of the local birdlife.

In between all this intense excitement I was looking forward to the novelty of the next gear changing opportunity. Moving from first up into second before braking every couple of yards to rest the engine.

Then back into neutral before gently re-applying the hand brake in readiness for the next riveting repetition.

Casting my vision as far up ahead as was possible I noted that there were also temporary road works with traffic light which of course changed so fast that you needed to be revving the engine and gripping the handbrake ready to take off if you were to hope to get through without yet a further lengthy waiting period.

Eventually an Ambulance immediate response vehicle screamed by our static line of traffic sending the oncoming approaching vehicles to steer off the carriageway and up onto the grass verge on their nearside.

Then very shortly after this; just as the very vehicles involved had rejoined the carriageway came yet another Ambulance it’s lights flashing and siren blaring.  Only to cause them to swerve  back up again and onto the muddied grass; much to their noticeable frustration.

Eventually though I made it  through and got parked up before making a hot cup of fresh Colombian coffee and sitting down in the back of the van to enjoy it whilst listening to the radio.

I decided to then head off the beaten track and ended up outside of this old derelict site shown in the image above. Which it seemed was due for some imminent demolition/renovation?

I couldn’t pretend not to being somewhat amused though to see the graffiti faces scribbled onto the front of these three concrete hollow cylindrical blocks. Almost giving each one their own individual personality.

Placed strategically here these were no doubt intended to dissuade any possible would be trespassers or travellers to the area?

It looks like they did the job they were intended to do.

Let’s face it!

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