imageYet another hectic day.

In the end I was up before 7.30am with Diesel who had not settled all that well when I initially left him downstairs; in the hope he would sleep without too much fuss.

It was almost 2.30am this morning when I woke with my arms wrapped firmly around the dog who was with me on our sofa. I vaguely remember him climbing up and squashing in alongside me but I must have drifted off shortly after.

I made a point of settling him down and went off to bed pleased to be comfortable and warm; until that was he began whimpering from downstairs. So to cut a long story short; he ended up beside our bed sprawled on his fur blanket and sighing contentedly.

I never heard a peep out of him after that till first light when I was woken up to find him licking my face to waken me fully. (He’s very kind like that you know?)

Reluctantly I gave in to this; and was soon walking him before anyone else in our house was even stirred.

Passing this dwelling up near where I was taking him to have a morning run he unusually commenced barking loudly! Although I had no idea why at the time?

Until that was I spotted this cat who had chosen to settle on this discarded settee which was awaiting pick up from the front garden by the local council.

Wish I’d known this earlier; our Diesel could have maybe kept him company instead? Only kidding… He was great fun and really good company.

He’s a seriously beautiful good natured dog to everyone. Except cats of course!

Although if they ever turned to confront him; he would absolutely run for his life.

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