IMG_9632Over at Romsey the other day when as you might possibly recall if you saw the blog entry for that particular day; I got stuck in traffic! Well anyway I had no recollection of having taken this image? (It’s my age i think?)

However I found this little shot today whilst sorting out some of my images in the photo library and decided that I would like to include it this evening.

I do now remember now glimpsing this lady earlier and even then she was looking quite pensive; anticipating the arrival of someone whom she was possibly due to meet up with at this very venue.

It’s somewhat strange when we are expecting to meet someone we like just how in tune we become with our immediate surroundings?

We sort of tune out a bit from the reality of life and instead focus on trying to spot the elusive person before they maybe spot us. Then we spot them and we change from this initial expression of anxiousness to what is replaced by a very smiley and animated individual. One who will often stand up with arms extended; ready to greet the person.

Even our voice inflection changes to a higher register and pitch sounding almost melodic. Then having completed the initial greeting ritual we then maybe will sit down with the person whom we are meeting and hold on to their arm or hand or even hug them? Making them understand beyond any doubt that we are very happy at seeing them again.

Unfortunately I never found out if this was how it worked out for this particular lady who had disappeared when I returned to the same place just a short time afterwards.

I hope however that this was the case for her and that she met that someone she was obviously looking forward to seeing.

Because in this image above she looked to me like she felt perhaps the appointment had possibly been forgotten? Or the person she had been looking forward to seeing might not turn up at all?

Worse still maybe she had got the timings wrong?

Now of course… we shall never know!

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