IMG_9604Chichester High Street and I was about to pay my regular visit to Greggs to purchase myself a pasty and a coffee when I notice this gentleman pull up a seat and commence throwing down a few crumbs for this solitary pigeon.

He then took a final sip from his can of Special Brew before discarding the empty can underneath his seat before delving into his bag where he retrieved his mobile phone. I grabbed the camera from my pocket and took a couple of shots before I ventured inside to buy my lunch.

I always sit outside so that I can people watch and today was no exception. I left the shop and as I did so this guy was slinging his bag over his shoulder and heading off towards the park entrance opposite.

In fairness there was no evidence left once he had gone even putting his can in the bin beside him. All I inherited was the company of this little pigeon who was only too pleased to have the opportunity to sample a few crumbs from my pasty.

Trouble was; he had obviously sent out a message to his friends who suddenly came swooping down and strutting about underneath the table where I had chosen to sit. I certainly had not purposefully encouraged them; I was merely enjoying my usual lunchtime snack.

But then just as I was growing accustomed to their company; so the dreaded screeching seagulls begin arriving. Some easily the size of small gliders zooming over the heads of shoppers before finally congregating on the gutters and rooftops above the shop.

That was then my queue to leave.

Placing my empty paper wrapping and coffee mug in the bin provided I carried on with my personal quest to complete some street photography for the day. Glancing behind me as I walked away I witnessed what could only be regarded as a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’

Perhaps it was this signage stating that every sandwich is freshly prepared that had attracted them all?

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