‘Weekly Shop’

IMG_9715Cosham High Street and this is where these locals have been out completing their weekly shop. Now though they have ordered their taxi to take them home and so most will gather at the top of the street to watch out for it’s arrival.

Cosham is popular with many local people as it has a wide selection of stores and even a weekly market which sells a variety of items at some very competitive prices.

There are always some real characters that get down there and it’s a place where there’s a busy Bingo hall. It is here that the ‘blue rinse’ brigade amongst others usually assemble and are often seen queuing up clasping their hand bags all in the hope of that elusive big win.

The many second hand charity shops down there all seem to do well as do the coffee shops and card shops or the all day breakfast cafes. ‘The Last Post’ public house further down the High street is always a busy haunt; and once again it is extremely popular with many punters who enjoy a bet on the horses. Mainly because this can be done right next door.

If of course the mood should take you? Well it is the ‘Crabbies’ Grand National today after all.

There are clothes shops, newspaper outlets, chemists, cycle and motor accessory shops, and even a health centre and GPs surgery. In fact most things you might be looking for.

At the far end of the town there is the local railway which has a level crossing and an old iron bridge to get you over the other side should you not wish to stand and wait for the trains to pass through into the station.

So there you have it. If you should want to pick up a weekly shop then this is surely a place worthy of some consideration?

The sad part for these shoppers in today’s image though; is the money they have hopefully managed to save on their shopping bill for the week is then immediately paid back out again to the taxi driver for the cost of the fare back home again.

So for those trying to watch the pennies this really doesn’t seem all that fair now does it?

But there again no one said that life was going to be easy…did they?

4 thoughts on “‘Weekly Shop’

  1. Interesting photo, strange gathering of people. I have two questions. What exactly is the purpose of the blue rinse and secondly are there no busses? Riding around in taxis seems like an expensive way to do things, is there just no other option? Also you would think the younger people sitting on the bench would allow the man with the cane to have a seat.

    • Hello my friend. The blue rinse is a slang term for a common hair perm which many elderly ladies seem to favour here.
      In answer to your other query about buses well yes there are indeed buses but people don’t like waiting at bus stops if they are short on time.
      Lastly the people on the seat are not as considerate as they perhaps should be.
      Thank you so much for commenting though it’s very much appreciated. I hope you are well and happy?

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