IMG_9734Yes I am aware that today is Sunday and therefore my usual blog entry for this day each week is on the topic of ‘Family?’

Well. Anyone of you lovely people out there who are kindly following and who are fortunate enough to enjoy the company of a pet; be that a dog a cat or even a hamster; will fully appreciate that they are very much a part of the family unit.

Our Diesel then whom I very pleased to be featuring today for your delectation; is no exception!

He is almost one year old now and already a character in his own right. He is so well behaved that it is a pleasure to walk him and to just generally spend time with him. He is totally incredible with the family and despite the usual mishaps when he gets involved with eating things which he should know by now are really not good for him; for a boxer he makes up for everything when it comes to personality.

We have recently seen him come along as part of the package when we are asked to babysit the three grandchildren and he will come galumphing through the lounge greeting you with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but welcome him.

He is now though familiar with our home and he knows where everything is. He takes himself off into the back garden should he need a toilet break and he even has his own fur bedding water bowl and play toys; which we bought to make him feel that he is definitely part of our family.

At night he and I usually head off up the wooden hill and I drag his bed up with me as he follows on behind. He sleeps right beside our bed and we never hear a peep out of him until day-break. Then I grab his lead and his play ball and we usually have a long walk around the lake down the road from where we live.

He runs and runs and greets anyone even remotely interested in his presence at that time in the morning. He loves the water and he adores it when other dogs want to play and run with him.

It’s hard to believed that he has been part of our lives for all these months. Also it is this year he will start to fill out and become even stronger and more muscular than he is presently. Thankfully though he will remain just as completely mental!

Boxers truly are great fun you know?

Recently he seems to have realised that he can now bark! This bark though initially scared him as it echoed out so deeply and so loud in volume. Luckily he only does this when he feels anxious or wants to appear protective.

I guess anyone considering trying to gain access to whichever home he happens to be visiting though would possibly want to think twice.

More on his development will no doubt follow… Watch this space!

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