‘Permission to come aboard?”

IMG_9737Loved this adorable little old Jack Russell whom I spotted drawing admiring glances from people leaving the quayside over at Emsworth the other day.

He had recently been out on the water but now both himself and the boat were being returned to their rightful place in the roadside garage of his home.

The dog however; as can no doubt see from the image above was not happy at having to be asked to leave his favourite seat and was in fact sulking and hanging his head each time he was asked to leave the craft by his owners. Who incidentally were both in the garage at this time and just generally chatting about their morning. But this little JR was determined to get himself back out to sea in the boat.

He did though appear somewhat pacified as a result of all the regular attention he was getting and seemed to have mastered the skills of looking dejected and forlorn to pull in all these new admirers? He was most definitely enjoying each friendly word of comfort or a little stroke or behind his ears.

Anyway; he stayed in there for ages. His owners more than comfortable to let him do his own thing; they were obviously more than familiar with his antics once inside the boat.

Virtually everyone stopped to greet him whilst I was there so I was pleased to get this shot of him using his doggie techniques to their best effect.

And they say it’s a dog’s life…well his seemed just fine to me.

7 thoughts on “‘Permission to come aboard?”

  1. Hello Bob, just a note to tell you I love…admire your writing style, the contents of each post are so enjoyable. I have to stop reading past post to tell you how your stories are so down to earth, real and each leaving your reader with wanting more. I believe you have a short story buried within each. Have a great week, here in Wisconsin USA it is still cold, but the sun today is bathing everything within sight. Regards, Ann

    • Hello Ann. You are so kind to have left me with so many likes and these absolutely wonderfully encouraging words.
      I am so happy to know that you have enjoyed reading my entries which I endeavour to include.
      I am never sure if these are well received or not but tonight I feel genuinely elated to have such fantastic comments.
      You have made my evening and I think I will now try even harder to hopefully encourage you to keep reading?
      Bless you Ann I am honestly humbled
      Bob x

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