‘String Vest’

IMG_9765What is there to say about this image.

There I was making my way back to the car park in Chichester the other day when I see these three ladies in shot and their little babe in it’s buggy suddenly stop to view some of the delicate hand-made jewellery which was on offer.

Just as they were checking out the bracelets and earrings so the stall owner appeared from behind her stall to greet them. It was very warm as temperatures begin to rise here in U.K. and so she then slipped of a cardigan from about her shoulders to reveal this very fetching albeit updated version of what us more senior geezers would have previously referred to as the old mans ‘string vest’

Now I’m sure that this lady in question might well have been offended had I referenced this memory to her; but it’s nonetheless a string vest whichever way you cut it (metaphorically speaking of course!)

So now feeling and looking much cooler in every sense of the word the stall holder then proceeded to do her level best to try to secure a sale.

Indeed she spent some considerable time showing off a wide selection of her beautiful silver handmade jewellery to these three prospective customers.

However despite her very best efforts they remained unconvinced; seemingly much more intent on eating their lunch than actually purchasing any delicate trinkets.

Either way I just had to capture this image as I drew closer to them all.

With virtually no editing I felt quite pleased with the overall composition. I like their natural positioning within the frame and the way they are each huddled around negotiating together there in the middle of the main high street. All sharing a bit of banter and enjoying a laugh with one another.

And for me it was just good to see the vest was back. Or should I say to see the back of the vest?

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