Couldn’t resist getting a photograph of this little girl seen here accompanied by her doting nan. I was taken by the way she was so elegantly twirling this brightly coloured ‘My little pony’ parasol around  in an effort to shield her little face from the glare of the midday sun.

I first saw the two walking along together and chattering away before they both stopped outside one of the ladies fashion outlets.

Here the little girl then proceeded to meticulously fold away her little parasol before taking her nannies hand and entering the store with her.

I had assumed that this was the last I would probably see of them both and so just hoped the image I had previously captured; might be one which I might be able to include in my blog?

Fortunately for me this was not to be the case. Because after stopping briefly for some refreshment I was just slipping on my backpack and heading back up to the top of town when to my pleasant surprise; tripping down the street towards me once again; were this same pair.

On this occasion as they passed the premises of ‘L’Occitane’ so  the little girl suddenly detached herself slightly from the vigilant eyes of her nan and was now free to quite vigorously spin her parasol around her head whilst singing and skipping along completely enjoying herself.


What appealed to me most was the contrast between the bright yellow and black background of the shop front in contrast with the vivid colours now beautifully highlighted by the bright sunlight streaming through her parasol. This coupled with the matching outfit made it worth a cheeky capture.

Never has being safe in the sun been so much fun.

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