‘The Best Medicine’

IMG_9766Isn’t it incredible how noticeably peoples attitudes often change in tune with the weather?

There I was over at Chichester strolling about and really enjoying the Spring sunshine when I happened to see these four people sitting together on one of the benches alongside the Cathedral.

I usually find; that if our weather is just ‘so so’ then people will often keep themselves to themselves.

However add a drop of sunshine into the mix and ‘VOILA’ suddenly they all start to communicate and to share a bit of friendly banter together.

Laughter soon develops and before you know it everyone is smiling broadly and truly enjoying one anothers company.

With regards to my blog image today; I was initially walking by this bench but my direction at the time meant that they were actually behind me. Therefore I could only hope to capture the moment if I actually stopped and turned around to face them? Fearing that this move might interrupt their flow of conversation I decided to take my time.

Then trying to be creative I began to focus the camera before aiming it towards the Cathedral pretending to be taking a couple of shots. On taking each shot I would then glance down at my screen until eventually their attention was distracted away from me.

After a short while I had eventually positioned myself where I felt I might capture the best composition whilst still quite convincingly I might add; making my imaginary fine adjustments.

Luckily I caught the guy with the rather impressive tattoos looking directly towards me whilst his wife shared a joke with the two elderly women who obviously found it very amusing indeed.

Considering this shot was taken from waist level I was quite chuffed with how it’s turned out. The weather here in UK is gorgeous at the moment and it is indeed a superb place to be.

I genuinely feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

However when it’s cold and damp and miserable here some less enthusiastic people have compared it to living in a long dark tunnel which permanently leaks!

So I just hope that anyone reading this blog entry today is really soaking up the joys of this wonderful new season and that you get to appreciate all the simple yet incredible pleasures which life has to offer.

“Oh and please” “Whatever else you happen do… don’t forget to SMILE!”

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