IMG_9720Refined! Were I to relate to you the definition of this adjective then it would read something like this.

Elegant and cultured in appearance manner or taste. Synonyms might include cultivated, cultured, polished, stylish, sophisticated, urbane.

In her own way I felt that the lady featured in my image today definitely encompassed many of these qualities?
Even managing to remain completely aloof regarding the other lady in shot who was looking somewhat indignant as she observed her striding out through the town centre.

I would have to admit that she seemed able to effortlessly demonstrate all of the stature and poise expected of any professional catwalk model.

Having met some such individuals in my time I am personally aware of the many rules which they are encouraged to adhere to.

Having firstly looked at style.time.com I noted that this lists four easy steps to teach anybody interested exactly how to walk like a model. (Now you’re are becoming a bit more interested aren’t you?)

Firstly then they are taught to envision a taut thread from their spine through the top of their head.

Remember… posture is everything.

Secondly prospective models are encouraged to take long strides placing one foot directly in front of the other emphasising that classic seductive hip swing.

Thirdly the arms should fall next to the body with hands relaxed.

And finally they must endeavour to project an attitude of utmost confidence. And there we have it.

So now you can have a go at perfecting these newly acquired techniques for yourself; and all in the privacy of your own home?

Purely for your own personal research of course?

Anyway not wishing to shy away from my feminine side I decided I might just sashay briefly as I went to answer our front door this morning.

I’m not sure our postman was particularly impressed though!

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