‘Busy weekend’


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Hello there everyone!

Just in case you might have been wondering where my usual blog entries for the weekend had gone?

Here is a little slideshow to give you all a snapshot of what turned out to be a bit of a hectic but very memorable weekend for us.

The first two images are of my wifes amazing mother Lillian… who was actually celebrating her 90th Birthday!
Now I know everybody say’s this… but she does look great for her years don’t you think?
Lillian is; and probably will be for many years to come the life and soul of the party.
She often says to her daughter (my little missus) that she is just popping over to the club to see her ‘OLD’ ladies and take them some of her homemade jams or cakes or chutneys; (for which she is rightly famous)

And although her daughter often reminds her mum that she herself is now an ‘OLD lady’ herself; I just don’t think Lil sees this at all?

In fact I doubt she will ever get old.

And to others like our daughter Jodie and her young friends Lil is quite simply a ‘legend’ Who commands their complete admiration and sheer amazement. She will regularly party with them until the early hours of the morning at any of the family gatherings which they might attend.

The next set of images are of Bedfordshire and the little village of Pulloxhill.

Some great friends of ours recently left Portsmouth and have moved up here to be nearer their new grandchild Heidi; and so we drove up to see them.

Now to give you some idea of just how posh the area in which their new abode actually is. On our first evening out together down to their local which is ‘The Cross keys’ one of it’s regulars arrived in for his beverage in his own private helicopter which he landed in the field at the back o the pub. It was impressive I would have to admit

Thoroughly nice chap though; as they might say up there?

Then the following day after a heavy night and a hearty breakfast we were treated to a visit over to the historic village of Woburn. A perfect Georgian Village brimming with chic restaurants great pubs and specialist shops.

There are of course also the Abbey the Sculpture gallery, as well as the famous Safari and Centre parcs. We also drove through the deer park which was just outstanding and so beautifully maintained.

Woburn is recorded as a Saxon hamlet in 969 and in the Domesday Book of 1086. The name derives from the Saxon word ‘Wo’ meaning crooked and ‘burn’ a small stream.

In 1856 by the 8th Duke of Bedford commissioned architect Henry Clutton to build a new church in Park Street, as the old church on Bedford Street was too small for the then population. This ‘NEW’ church St Mary’s was built and completed in 1868 and is feaured in my slideshow above.

Hope everyone reading this is well and that you also enjoyed your weekends? As you can see…we certainly did.

Big Congratulations going out then to Lillian on her 90th and a Big thank you to Isabelle and Mike for our superb two day break spent in your new home in such a beautiful part of the country.

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