‘Scooter Girls’

IMG_9815Woburn Village and we had just enjoyed a really large coffee together and decided to pop into this little shop of collectables.

I love to wander around in places like this; and the guy who owned the place was obvioulsy a serious collector who had amassed some amazing Star Wars memorobilia and a host of other items including an original metal Michelin man model and even some very old Rupert Annuals and Dan Dare and even some Hopalong Cassidy books…Hopalong Cassidy for Gods sake; just wonderful!

There were some beautiful antiques and curiosities which filled the small premises from front to back. Every item was individually priced and was dusted cleaned and presented showing an obvious flair and and a genuine love for what must have been for him; his lifetime hobby.

Our friends we were with were actually purchasing a couple of little items which they had I think ear-marked for their new home?

Whilst I on the other hand stepped outside briefly to see if there might be any photographic opportunities to snap up before we left for an early lunch.

I had literally stepped outside with the camera in my hand when I saw these two sisters racing up the hill towards where I was standing. I heard their mother shout for them both to go careful to which they responded back by shouting “Okay mum” almost in unison with one another.

I managed to quickly fire off a couple of shots as they zipped past me and in truth was just hoping for the best.

We then all walked off up the hill which these two little girls had just flown up together on their scooters and discovered not only was it steeper than it initially appeared but that neither of us were as fit as perhaps we had first assumed we were!

At the top we all suddenly stopped and some rather deep breaths were simultaneously exchanged whilst we each stood there hands on our sides and trying very hard to pretend that we had not been affected in the least. And that we had in point of fact; merely stopped to admire the spectacular vista before us.

Then having eventually recovered our breathing; we started off again to relocate the car.

I’m seriously contemplating getting myself one of those scooters you know; just in case we should chance to venture this way again in the near future?

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