‘Sunday Morning’

IMG_8769This shot for me typifies the Sunday morning routine often carried out by thousands of people throughout the U.K.

The woman in shot has quite obviously drawn the short straw and has been nominated to leave the warmth and comfort of the family home and to venture out over to the local convenience store to purchase the Sunday ‘red top’ newspaper and a bag of potatoes for the Sunday roast.

Though in truth her primary motivation for this early morning visit was more likely to obtain this twenty packet of Mayfair cigarettes?

Resplendent in her tea dress clutching her purse; and with her spectacles placed casually on top of her head she strolled over the zebra crossing her mind  appearing to be firmly focussed on other far more important things?

Behind her; in this elegant bow fronted shop window two prom dresses can be seen being displayed along with some sparkly jewellery box sets each at the bargain price of £5.00. These of course are representative of a more colourful and special occassion. One which often involves the use of stretch limousines and all the associated glitz and glamour.

A far cry indeed from the mundane and repetetive tasks of everyday living.

Soon though this reflective shopper will be back indoors and no doubt pouring herself a large cup of coffee before lighting that long awaited very first cigarette of the day. Then deeply inhaling it’s psychologically passifying mix of chemicals she may slouch back into her favourite seat before slowly blowing out the residual smoke.

Drinking her coffee she might once again reflect on the day ahead whilst observing the filtered smoke as it curls and twists before eventually dissipating into the ether.

Sunday mornings…there’s nothing quite like them.

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