‘The Cowboy’

IMG_9492We had parked the VW and were headed over to the ‘Butterfly Museum’ for yet another thrilling visit with our Beau; but once again we had forgotten that this was in fact the day they were closed to the public.

Of course Beau was understandably a bit miffed; although the promise of a strawberry and vanilla ice cream cone seemed to soften the blow.

We grabbed a hand each and walked away counting loudly “One Two Three” before swinging him up in the air as he giggled and immediately shouted “Again please”

Arriving at the cafe feeling like our arms were trailing behind us both we walked straight over to the ice cream counter and Beau chose his selection before taking a seat nearest the window where he could overlook the lake.

We grabbed ourselves a coffee and decided to push the boat out and to share a blueberry muffin together…(living the dream we are) then we joined Beau who was by then tucking in to his Ice cream cone.

Initially we were in there all by ourselves; but suddenly whilst Beau was somewhat delicately licking this ice cream a bit like a cat would lick a saucer of milk; in walks these two characters and they take a seat directly opposite us.

Beau then stops what he is doing and curiously leans forward at the table and says quietly “Gwandan is that man a cowboy?”

“Indeed he is” I replied ” I think he has probably left his horse outside while he has a cup of tea with his friend.”

Then after just a few seconds after straining his little neck to look around him he says;

“Where is his horse gone now gwandan I can’t see him?”

“Did you not hear him Beau?” I said “he’s just galloped off over the grass onto the seafront, I bet he is probably on the beach by now”

Beau looked at me a bit puzzled then he frowned and glanced across to his nan who was by now nodding her head from side to side and mouthing “no”.

Then he says “no gwandan that’s not true horse’s don’t go to the beach do they nanny…gwandan’s so silly!”

Luckily there are still a few little things which I can get him to believe without question.

But more often now there are many others which I just have to hold my hands up to and admit were indeed big fat fibs.

“At least I did get him to believe that the guy at the table opposite was a real cowboy though did’nt I?”

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