‘Diesel and his mates’

IMG_8085 Well now my son Duncan and his one year old boxer dog Diesel (whom some of you will already have been introduced to through my blog) invited me over to meet up with them and to visit some new mates they had recently made.

They all apparently meet up together once a week in this friendly farmers field with other fellow dog owners to discuss events and to show off their obedient and faithful friends.

The larger boxer you see in the first image today is ‘Ali’ as in floats like a butterfly stings like a bee. Now he and Diesel share this special relationship whereby if Diesel gets a bit cheeky and tries to be top dog; then Ali pins him down until he remains submissive.

At first I felt a bit concerned for him but soon realised that Ali did this with any of the dogs who got above their station.IMG_8091 Once everyone knew their place than the dogs all settled down and ran around this safe enclosure like crazy things.

I had to smile at the different owners attitudes towards their own pets and how they each had reassuring words of wisdom to willingly share regarding animal behaviours.

For me I just enjoyed the walk and to be out there in the fresh air for a while. I met an ex-professional baseball player who now teaches the game to kids here in UK and a professional dog walker who was in charge of the big boy ‘Ali’ IMG_8084 There were mums who had just dropped their children off at the local school and who were taking the opportunity to have a catch up with friends. There was even casual walkers who had merely stumbled across this little haven and come over to introduce themselves.

All in all a very stimulating and enjoyable experience for everyone involved and one which I very much hope to repeat.

It will be interesting as our Diesel gets a bit bigger and begins to fill out whether or not ‘Ali’ will put up quite so forceful a show of his dominance.

Never a dull moment as a dog owner is there?

2 thoughts on “‘Diesel and his mates’

  1. It’s been a long time since I had a dog. I used to be afraid of them until I met Sam who was half Collie half Spanial, and still quite young at the time. You can imagine he was as daft as a box of frogs, but had seemingly endless energy! I remember he was always a bit of a wimp when it came to standing his ground with other big dogs. That is, until I had my daughter and suddenly he became fiercely protective of her, shouting down any other dog that came anywhere near her, no matter how big they were. Sadly Sam is no longer with us, and my daughter isn’t so small anymore being almost as big as me (mind you I’m not very big so that’s not difficult…). But it always impressed me how Sam grew into being such a responsible dog, mainly through instinct I think. Diesel sounds like a bundle of fun!
    M x

    • What an amazing dog Sam was. I really appreciate your kind response to my blog and I bet you must miss his company despite your daughter being all grown up and taller than her father.
      Life zips right by and we are only gifted with such unique pets such as your Sam or our Diesel; who as you said is indeed a lot of fun.
      Thanks for taking the trouble to respond and you take care my friend.
      Keep in touch

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