‘Red Shoes’

IMG_9817Took this image whilst I was over at Woburn the other weekend.

Such a quaint little village. Anyway these two ladies were just after enjoying a cup of coffee together and were then in the process of striding out preparing to negotiate a rather steep hill just up ahead of them.

The distinct primary colours initially attracted me; and also the way they were both in deep discussion. To the point that I was able to casually compose my image at my leisure before eventually capturing my shot. In point of fact as they walked by me they both nodded their appreciation for allowing them to pass by unhindered as it were.

Little did they realise I had even taken their photograph. Purely for posterity you understand and obviously to include it in my daily blog entry today.

Red it would appear; is a popular choice of colour when it comes to making a fashion statement here in Woburn village? Where the lady on the right had embraced it fully; her friend on the other hand with whom she was sharing a meaningful conversation had decided to be a little more reserved.

Consequently the red shoes which she had chosen to wear that particular day were obviously selected as an accent colour to compliment this choice of blue trouser and jacket?

As I have previously admitted to many of you lovely followers reading this tonight; I actually know very little about colour combinations. Fashion is most definitely the reserve of my beautiful daughter Jo who has always encouraged me to simply take shots of people who catch my eye; particularly with regards to what they are wearing on any particular day. So that’s exactly what I endeavour to do.

All in the hope that one day I might get that one truly special shot where both the outfit and the person wearing it both combine to make the final image truly POP!

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