‘Oooer Missus’

IMG_9572I was captivated by this bold statement written onto a chalk board and placed prominently on display at one of the many street market stalls over at Chichester.

It immediately appealed to me and obviously did the trick inasmuch as it caught the attention of many of the passing shoppers. Each of them smiling and pointing and nudging one another as they walked by through the town.

This stall owner obviously had a really good sense of humour judging by her saucy choice of wording?

Perhaps she was a fan of the the old ‘Carry on films’ or even more topically 50 shades?

There isn’t really that much more to say about this; other than it made people smile and that in itself has to be a good thing! Particularly in light of the fact that everyone here in UK is absolutely fed up to the back teeth at the moment with Election fever. There would appear to be no escape from the relentless leafleting door knocking and the limitless TV and Radio coverage this has generated.

What we all actually need most of all right this minute is a flippin good laugh.

So thank God it’s almost over…or is it??

I have a sneaky feeling that there is yet more tedium still to come (YAWN!) When we all end up with what will inevitably be a hung Parliament.

Please please make it STOP!

If I had my way I’d hang the bleeding lot of em.

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