‘Top Hat’

IMG_7636Now here’s something you won’t see every day; unless of course you happen to be over a Chichester around about lunchtime.

I liked this couple whom I saw making their way down the street; and who were quite fortuitously heading in my general direction.

I thought they just looked like any average shoppers both taking in the sights. Until that was they got closer and I notice this magnificent silver grey ‘Top hat’ placed squarely on top of this guys head.

He had obviously become immensely attached to this item and felt determined to wear it whilst out in the town. Despite the fact his missus seemed to me to be singularly unimpressed.

So then I got to wondering; had they perhaps attended a wedding that same day? Or possibly the day before? And despite having returned the bulk of wedding outfit he had hired; he somehow had inadvertently forgotten to return the Top Hat?

Whatever the case he certainly looked quite comfortable adorning this apparel.

In point of fact he carried it off rather well considering he was now in his less formal daily attire. Striding out in his T-shirt, designer jeans, and not forgetting of course those stunningly pristine white trainers.

It just goes to show that if one is bold enough to adorn this somewhat unusual combination of clothing and can add some slick trendy designer shades; then who knows maybe they could well start a whole new trend over here in what is considered by many to be a rather conservative location.

But you know what? It takes all sorts doesn’t it?

Personally though I liked the image…I thought it was very LA!

Plus I feel almost positive in my belief that just before they both left the car park today he undoubtedly doffed his hat and sang out those immortal words to his wife;

“I’m puttin’ on my top hat, tyin up my white tie, brushin’ off my tails”

“You bloody well are not darling!” came the loud reply

7 thoughts on “‘Top Hat’

  1. Hello Tish
    How nice to hear from you my lovely friend. I’m glad you got a smile from the image in today’s blog. Quite the gentleman wouldn’t you agree?
    Hope you are ok and happy?
    Bob x

    • Hello Bruce my friend
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your agreement to my LA comment.
      It’s good hearing from you and I trust you’re well?
      Take care

  2. Love it!!!!! The wife looks slightly irritated, like she really doesn’t want to be seen with him. He looks like he is working hard to keep up with her. I say he is a magician, he left his magic bunny in the hat, and didn’t want to leave the bunny in the car (looks like a toasty day), so he donned bunny and top hat – much to his wife’s chagrin. It does look kind of LA – or more Venice Beach – where anything goes.

    • Hi there my friend
      I really appreciate your leaving me a comment.
      I also would have to agree regards your comparison to Venice Beach! I love the magician and his bunny theory as well.
      Oh and you taught me a new word in ‘chagrin’
      You take care and once again thanks for taking the trouble to stop by.

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