‘The BIG Ferry’

IMG_7521It’s Sunday again and so it’s ‘family topic’ time!

I took a glance over some of the many shots I have taken recently; these are mostly of the kids admittedly.

Luckily we are very fortunate to be able to get to spend time with them all and somehow keep pace with their seemingly untiring energy levels and incessant chatter.

Those of you who are kind enough to follow will know only to well that Diesel the boxer dog has now become part of our babysitting routine; although in fairness after a long walk and a few goes at fetching and returning with his ball he is absolutely no trouble at all.

In fact one of the most enjoyable things about Diesel is that once the kids are all up in their bedrooms watching DVDs or playing games he will often climb up on the settee and stretch himself alongside me before fidgeting around until he is comfortable.

Then with one big sigh…he’s off to sleep; his paws twitching wildly whilst emitting tiny whines and barks as he unconsciously runs around in his doggie dream.

Today though I have chosen a photograph of Beau; because unlike the others he is easier and more cooperative when it comes to taking photos.

Here he is sitting on the sea wall on the front and pointing out all his favourite ships boats or in this case ferries. The T4 camper van still remains his favourite thing. He loves to go out in it and to have his lunch inside before venturing out (weather permitting) to explore some of his favourite places.

As you can see by the image the weather was a bit unpredictable this particular day. Although to be fair I am absolutely mad for cloudy dark moody skies such as these. For me they never fail to add a real exciting atmospheric addition to the final image.

I have a list from Beau of all the things we have to do when it comes to the sea.

These include a ride on the hovercraft, a trip on the ferry, a sail in a yacht, a fast trip on a Rib, a visit to the Aircraft carrier, a walk around a submarine, a drive up the outside of the Spinnaker tower?

Oh and several other such imaginative requests which he will suddenly come up with during our trips out in the van.

No doubt we will fulfill some if not all of his wishes but for today he is quite content to
simply point and observe from the safety of the shore.

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