‘Raspberry Snack’

IMG_9752Chichester; and the fresh fruit stalls down at the local Market were doing a roaring trade. People were taking advantage of the bargain prices on offer for a wide range of tasty healthy options.

There were gala apples, pineapples, honeydew melons, vine tomatoes, tangerines, strawberries, and beautiful plump blueberries. However, this little girl seemed more interested in her mum purchasing the ‘two for one’ punnets of raspberries.

It was amusing to watch her little face as she was initially given just a couple to enjoy; provided of course that she sat nicely in her pushchair and wore her sunglasses to keep the glare from the bright mid-day sun out of her eyes.

Eventually though it quickly became apparent that this little girl actually quite liked her raspberries and so her mum eventually decided that she best hold on to the punnet as they made their way back home.

Walking a bit faster I managed to get up ahead of them so as they went past I quickly snapped this little image showing her tucking into her fruity morning snack. Obviously intent on eating as many as possible before maybe her mum decides she might have had enough?

Knowing how our own grandkids love these; and the fact that they offer a rich source of vitamin C nutrients, minerals, and nutrition essential for optimum health…what’s not to like I say?

I think it’s great that these are so readily available to eat right now and at a price which parents can comfortably afford.

I don’t think you can beat the market. The stall holders are people who genuinely work hard to offer quality food at really competitive prices. The other thing about them is they are mostly always smiling and never fail to share a bit of friendly banter with all of their customers, regular or otherwise..

Im pretty sure that this little kid would most probably agree with me on that; and so would her mother.

Kids should feel that eating fruit is ‘COOL’

Even if that means having to wear your sunglasses upside down; in order to keep the peace!

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