‘It’s my Anniversary’

anniversary-2x Well now…who’d of thought it?

I just received this last night from those lovely people over at WordPress.com to congratulate me on my 2 year Anniversary.

I must confess I was very flattered that they actually remembered!

When I told my missus though she said it was a shame I didn’t actually work for them myself. Because maybe then I might learn to remember our own Anniversary! (cough cough) But “Fair point” I thought to myself “and very well made”

So I thought that I might just take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all the kind followers out there whom I am fortunate enough to have. Many of which I like to think have now become friends.

Now as some of them may know; Two years ago I was looking for something which I could do that might make me feel part of something again. Something that might give me that connection I felt I was missing.

In truth I didn’t adapt particularly well back then to being newly retired. I personally found the transition to that new chapter in life all a bit unsettling and extremely difficult to adjust to.

Anyway long story short and all that malarkey. My daughter Jo who knew I was interested in photography kindly bought me a book on how to blog. I then spent the next few weeks reading this and trying hard to interpret some of the new jargon and terminology included.

But eventually after a bit more research I started up my free account with WP.com and had soon published my very first image (our garden pond as I recall?) I was desperately hopeful that people might find this photograph and what I had to say about it; to be of interest!

Sadly nothing was heard for what seemed an inordinate length of time.

Until one morning that was when a sympathetic blogger called Bill Jones Jnr. kindly sent back a comment to me offering his encouragement and making me feel extremely welcome.

This was the catalyst I needed.

I am very pleased to say that I still maintain regular contact with Bill and his excellent work at firewingphotography.com is really worth a visit for those of you who have not yet been introduced.

Since then I have met many other similarly friendly like minded people; each with such obvious talent that they could not fail but to inspire.

I think what I have enjoyed most over these first two years is that there is a genuine community out there; a community who will take the time to check in with you and who will always encourage you to improve. People who will always do their level best to support anyone struggling with technology or simply seeking words of advice at whichever level of competence they happen to be.

So thank you again everyone; you are a great bunch of people and I am blessed to be a small part of this bigger community we each find ourselves on.

I am honestly grateful to each one of you for helping me find this new interest and to feel motivated to always try harder on my own personal blogging journey.

So give yourselves a pat on the back today and here’s to another years contributions which I very much look forward to viewing and to sharing with you all.

8 thoughts on “‘It’s my Anniversary’

  1. Happy Anniversary, Bob! WordPress acknowledged my 8th anniversary the other day! I could hardly believe it (I have another shopworn blog that I started in 2007, hence the 8 year cheer). I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely, and yes, it was Bill who pointed me in your direction!

    • Wow Carissa. I have some catching up to do methinks?
      I am so humbled that you speak so kindly about my blog because like Bill and Maria I am genuinely inspired by what you all do and the help and support you personally have offered me in the past. I hope we can keep in touch and I look forward to catching up again soon? You take care and thank you for your kind friendship
      Bob x

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