‘Phones and Cones’

IMG_9890This shot was captured during a recent visit over to the Canoe lake in Southsea.

We went there to enjoy this recent very welcomed spell of sunshine which had brought many people out to share some social time together.

There were several young mums out that day; most with their children whom most were treating to their favourite ice creams.

Some parents were throwing bread out over the lake for the swans to eat; whilst others were simply enjoying a relaxing stroll with their dogs.

The local park was also understandably busy that day; judging by the loud excitable squeals coming from the kids on the swings and slides.

We were at this time walking around the perimeter of the lake together; when I noticed this young couple who had just left the cafe in the background. They had recently purchased themselves an ice cream cone each and had decided to take a seat to watch the activity going on in and around the lake itself.

Initially they were laughing and and interacting together and seemed very close as a couple; until that was the mobile phone emerged from out of this young womans pocket. Then everything changed in terms of any social interaction; as she commenced scrolling through her recent messages.

This activity not only abruptly stopped their communication with one another but it allowed me to get close enough to take this image.

I loved the look of polite disconnection on this young lads face in contrast to the somewhat inquisitive and puzzled expression being displayed by his girlfriend.

Cones and Phones eh?

How much better would our lives be without them?

We could get back to a bit of good old fashioned chat with one another; instead of the habitual and almost addictive hold which our mobile phones seem to have over us all these days.

2 thoughts on “‘Phones and Cones’

  1. Ha ha ha…i love this post. Remind me of myself indulging on phone whenever i go out with my frens to cafe or a park. But funny, they all do the same too…

    • That’s kind of you my friend. Thank very much for stopping by today and for admitting that like myself and many many others…the mobile phone is a now an integral part of our everyday lives.
      Great hearing from you

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