‘Shapes on a Beach’

IMG_9877Walking along the promenade the other day when I became curiously drawn to watch this group of people who appeared to be looking for shells over on the pebble beach.

I was interested in the fact that they were each absorbed in concentration and had selected particular spots to forage around for shells or molluscs?

It wasn’t a particularly warm day but pleasant enough to spend down by the sea. I did however manage to fire off several shots as they altered their positioning and shapes.

I sat on the sea wall a while longer whilst my missus kindly went over to the cafe and ordered up some coffee for us both.

Nothing unusual about people on our beach here in Southsea I would accept; but the overall composition their presence created just looked interesting.  Also it was something from a personal and photographic perspective I wanted to try and capture.

IMG_9875We both sat drinking our coffee from the balcony of the cafe which is incidentally built out onto the beach itself; and so allowed us to continue to observe this fascinating  group. From our vantage point you could hear as they crunched about on the beach; some with their hands in their pockets kicking at the stones with the toe of their shoes.

Occasionally though; if one of them felt that they had found something of interest to the others they IMG_9876would stoop forward and scrutinise the area further.

Kneeling down they would commence carefully sifting through the wet stones with their fingers; delicately picking out any interesting or colourful little shells which they might have discovered.

I must admit though; at the time they were carrying out their beach combing ritual; it did remind me of some kind of a specialist ‘Formation Dancing Team’ who were perhaps rehearsing to showcase their act on the next ‘Britain’s got Talent’

4 thoughts on “‘Shapes on a Beach’

  1. Very interesting!! Were they there together? Or were they solitary. I like that you thought they might be a part of some formation dancing team, like a modern dance troupe – or something.

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