‘Blonde Moment’

IMG_9757 The sunshine certainly brings people out does it not?

I don’t know why but obviously the young lady sitting on the seat in this image was one of many young people I noted wearing their jeans with the knees torn open?

Now of course as I have always stated I am no expert when it comes to fashion but I do try to remain observant to any changes in trends.

Mainly because my daughter Jodie is into fashion design and illustration. (Why not take a look at her new website?

You will find it on radcreative.co.uk)

Obviously as her Dad I feel it’s my duty to support her in everything she does; so go on take a quick look why don’t you?

I think you will be impressed? Although she will probably just ‘tut’ at me now and say “Daaaad!” when I tell her what I have done)

So anyway I then decided that this image of these two friends or maybe sisters required a catchy title? Hence the one I have selected above.

But then I got to thinking that Saturday is a kind of unclassified day in terms of it having any specific topic heading. So in order to make it a bit more of a challenge for myself I thought I should perhaps try to include a cheeky caption on any future blog entries?

Just a bit of fun I thought; and maybe something which might give you a smile and a giggle or two.

So here goes folks…this is it!  My very first ‘Caption Day’ contribution for you to peruse and even comment on should you so desire?

Meanwhile might I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I hope that you each enjoy some pleasant sunny weather and get to spend quality time with those who love you.

2 thoughts on “‘Blonde Moment’

  1. Every generation, the then-current equivalent of hipsters wear ripped jeans, and every generation, they think they invented it. My daughter did in the 00s, and I did in the 70s. I guess these kids are no different.

    By the way, your daughter’s work and website is very nice. Quite professional.

    • Fashion is indeed cyclical and I guess each generation lives to claim its originality. I really appreciate your comments about my daughters website Bill. Thanks for taking a look.
      Hope you’re well my friend?
      Take care

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