‘Silver Ball’

IMG_8813Hello there everyone. Happy Sunday evening to you all!

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours trying to get my pond filter sorted out. And as usual what at first seems like a relatively simple process; actually ends up becoming a mission in itself.

Anyway I decided that after a good hours intervention involving changing filters and cleaning the water pumps I should perhaps see how it looked the following day; which of course is today.

I woke up about eight o’clock this morning to a cup of of cold tea and headed downstairs to find my little missus already up with the lark and working away in the garden.

She was trimming shrubs and cutting back and generally getting things ready for the summer. By the time I got involved she had filled up two large bags with the cuttings from several plants and things and was suggesting that we maybe take a run up to the local waste disposal plant.

I then decided mainly through guilt if I am to be really honest; that I should help out. Do my bit as it were. Anyway I got well and truly stuck in and before too long my VW T4 was stacked to capacity with bins and rubbish sacks. There were suddenly snails and spiders appearing from a variety of places as I went to slam the sliding door; each wanting to explore their new home.

I even rescued a toad who had obviously been hanging on to some of the pond materials and then got accidentally loaded up.

We eventually arrived at the Disposal centre and it was one long line of traffic. “Brilliant” I muttered to myself under my breath. After about half an hour we had swiftly unloaded all our garden waste and were soon headed back for yet some more gardening.

Not though before a cup of coffee and a big bowl of fruit and cereal. By this time believe it or not it was just after 11:30 am. (Blimey…Where did that time go?)

Three more hours past during which time I grabbed my camera and tried to capture this image of myself sitting down on the steps with our home in the background; and watching my Koi as they all swam and chased each other around; obviously very excited by their ever clearing richly oxygenated pond water.

So I guess this is my family submission for today. Our garden and house look amazing. For a brief moment I felt like I was on holiday.

That was until I heard the missus shout out to me “Bob…Shall we do another run love?”

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