‘Come into the Parlour’

IMG_9882A recent trip over to Southsea and a walk along the Prom to South Parade Pier: I was pleased to see that the ugly nailed wooden hoardings at the front had at last been taken down.

This is one of two little shops which previously nestled either side of what was originally a large and vibrant penny arcade and games machine complex. This was usually always frequented by hordes of kids and parents alike; although now it is sadly no longer; merely another premises under review.

The larger main entrances onto the pier itself were then situated either side of these premises.

South parade Pier pier was a place which meant many things to many different people in this town and indeed it was underneath this very pier where many relationships were forged and where many Portsmouth children were conceived! (Well this is a naval town after all) If you follow my meaning?

The pier and the areas of pebble beach either side is where parents visiting the seaside would take blankets and a picnic and where their kids could could stroll safely and could purchase anything from beach balls to crabbing nets or cold drinks. They seemed to sell just about anything between them including brightly coloured ice churned slushies or cornets and wafers.

Anyway for those who are not local to this area; our beloved pier is presently under massive refurbishment updating and repair.

This is so good to see after many years of deterioration. It is after all our focal point on the seafront and is affectionately missed by many many of the people of Portsmouth and beyond.

Most can’t wait until it’s back in full swing and fully functioning again.

Meanwhile though the work continues on; and in the interim these two little shops are testimony that slowly but surely we are hopefully beginning to see things return to some sort of normality again?

Of course there is still some major structural work to be completed; but nevertheless it will be a big day for the city once it is formally completed and fully open again to the public.

So for me today it was such a joy to see these little premises back up and doing business once more

So I thought I should mark this colourful occasion on what has turned out to be one miserable dreary Monday morning. So here is our new look ‘ice cream parlour’ just to give you all a flavour of how things are going.

I intend to follow the progress of the work whenever I am over there from now on; and I will obviously keep you guys up to date. It’s exciting for Portsmouth you know? This place holds many memories which I will tell you about another day.

I hope these little businesses will do really well over the summer it will be interesting to see if this bright new facade helps entice and draw in those punters.

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