‘Tipping Point’

IMG_9499Young Parents take a break to share a cup of coffee from the ‘Jimmy Bean’ Gourmet Food Truck over in Winchester.

This popular little truck stop seems to appeal to a variety of ages though more often than not its charm seems to attract in many young families like those in shot today.

As I have previously stated in other blogs I am always impressed with the amount of quality ‘family’ time which goes on these days. Fathers increasingly seem to be more actively involved and participative; even when it comes to doing the weekly shop.

This image above was one which attracted me as I walked through the high street. I happened to notice this young mother lean forward and deftly lift her young baby from the pushchair. Nothing too impressive in that I hear you say? But as you can see the pushchair; despite being adorned with shopping bags…remains upright!

Now anyone who has ever taken children out in such a mode of transport will fully understand that there is an extremely fine balance as to exactly how many bags of shopping one can successfully drape over the back of a pushchair before it achieves its critical ‘tipping point!’

Something which I have never quite been able to master despite years of practice.

I can recall countless times this happening to me with both our own kids when they were babies; and more recently with our younger grandchildren. The pure contortion of trying to hold a child up and over ones shoulder whilst leaning forward and bending one knee clumsily attempting to retrieve not only the pushchair but also the various items scattered over the pavement.

This young mum though; seems to have had no such issue. As previously stated her pushchair remains steady, upright, and balanced behind her.

Trouble is there are very few people out there who can even begin to appreciate the sheer skill involved in her having actually executed this show stopping extraction technique.

I of course was more than impressed. I wasn’t though all that sure if the Dad; (seen here draining the remains from his coffee cup) was all that impressed with me?

As I stood there directly in front of them all; my camera poised before me.

However I had committed myself by then and so had to pretend that the image which I was actually trying to capture was one which was far beyond both himself and his little family unit.

Not sure this proved to be all that convincing though; particularly judging by the rather inquisitive expression on his face.

But hey! At least I got the shot.

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