‘Oooh look…Balloons’

IMG_9942“Well now just look at this weather today” my missus said to me this morning

“Shall we pop over to Chichester and pick up that doll’s house I won on Ebay?”

“Then we could maybe grab a coffee and take a look around; what do you think?”

So that was it…My morning was planned.

We arrived around about ten o’clock and once the van was parked we strolled through past the law courts and over into the town. There wasn’t that much activity over there today although there did appear to be a few premises which were very new to me; and many others having a face lift ready for the summertime sales.

After an hour or so though; having checked out a couple of the shops we sat outside ‘Macari’s’ and enjoyed a cup coffee together. Doing a bit of people watching as well of course.

Be rude not to though wouldn’t it?

As usual I had the camera in my pocket and was at this time making a few adjustments whilst my eyes scanned the town for possible captures.

Truth be known though this was to be one of those days where images were not to be so readily forthcoming.

Then checking the clock up on the ‘Buttercross’ we realised that time was getting on. And so we agreed it might be best if we grabbed a bit of grub for our evening meal whilst we were over there before taking a slow walk back to the car park.

It was then I noticed this little girl out with her nan suddenly spot these balloons tied up outside one of the local stores.

That was it; she was straight over there and trying desperately to untie the knots so that she might take them home with her. Frustratingly though the knots remained fixed despite her very best efforts.

And so eventually she gave up wandered away shrugging her little shoulders and holding tightly onto her nannies hand. Whilst at the same time though glancing back over her shoulder no doubt wishing that she had managed to remove those balloons and got to take them home with her.

But as with many things we might suddenly desire in our lives; it was sadly not to be.

Life can be so unfair you know?

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