‘Sudden Downpour’

IMG_9087We eventually found ourselves over at Chichester today with our friends Isi and Mike who were down visiting us for the weekend.

Only an hour earlier we had all been enjoying a breakfast in the garden and drinking coffee feeling relatively warm in the bright midday sun. We then decided to venture over to ‘Hilliers Garden Centre’ in Romsey bringing their collie dog Molly with us; hoping to take a long walk and have a look around.

However we arrive an hour later to discover that they don’t actually allow dogs into their grounds?

Not even on their leads?


So as you might imagine this was a bit of a surprise for us all to say the least; especially Molly. In many ways I felt very disappointed for our friends though as they had been really looking forward to this their first visit.

So anyway reluctantly we all then do an about turn and pile back in the van where we then head off towards Otterbourne to visit a beautiful little pub called ‘The Olde Forge’

This in contrast was dog friendly and much less of a problem.

Oh and with a great choice of ales on offer as well.

We then ventured on to try another garden centre local to the pub. Unlike the first place they were super dog friendly; and welcomed us all in without any fuss at all.

Our last stop of the day than was Chichester and it was here that the weather suddenly changed and so I captured this cheeky image of a young woman who like ourselves had been suddenly caught in a downpour.

I really liked the look of complete concentration in her facial expression. Also the almost ‘cat-walk’ posture she had adopted as she strode by us wheeling her luggage behind her and this rather smart looking umbrella opened up and resting elegantly over one shoulder.

Luckily for all of us the downpour proved to be short lived and the sun re-appeared again shortly afterwards.

It was by then time for us to head home and to consider what we were to eat for our evening meal. Possibly a chinese would fit the bill nicely methinks!

Ah Happy days!

2 thoughts on “‘Sudden Downpour’

  1. Sounds like you had a cracker of a day, full of adventure! Sometimes these turns of fate can be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes as I’m sure you know, it’s good to see where the breezes take you. I hope you’re well my friend. Great candid shot, but then you are a bit good at this kind of thing. đŸ˜‰
    Bess x

    • Hello my friend. What a lovely positive comment to receive.
      We all had a great day in the end. So nice to hear from you yesterday; I hope that you are well?
      Kind Regards

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