‘Special Delivery’

IMG_9811 Over with our friends again in Bedfordshire when I overhear the bloke whose shop we were visiting placing an order for his lunch.

It sounded like he was hungry and duly expressed this to the person he was speaking with on the other end of the telephone.

He puts down the telephone and smiles at us as he reaches for a knife and fork which he then places neatly on top of a tray which he had behind the counter.

“Are you just about to close for lunch?” I asked him “Not for another few minutes yet” came the reply

“I think were almost done now anyway” I responded checking firstly with my friends “Yes Yes were all done now; thank you very much”

With that we then all left the little shop when I notice this young waiter in his apron directly across from us. He was holding what appeared to be a hot meal and was waiting patiently to cross over the road.

As the vehicle passes he then sprints over and delivers the shopkeeper his lunch before then dashing back over into the restaurant in which he was working. Now that’s what you call service I thought to myself.

Looking around again towards the premises we had just been visiting I noticed that the open sign had already been flipped around to closed; and was swinging side to side on the front of his glass door.

Can’t be bad having your very own waiter to deliver an order so promptly and indeed directly to your table…can it?

Bon Appetit my friend.

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