‘Eye Spy’

IMG_9959It’s Sunday already…wow doesn’t time fly?

We were looking after Beau for a night whilst his mum and dad went off to the O2 to see the incredible ‘Fleetwood Mac’

The tickets were a Christmas gift and what’s more; they only managed to blag VIP status when they were stood waiting in the queue.

Which meant they had access to their own private bar and even free massages prior to the show commencing. How the other half live eh?

Meanwhile we were babysitting. In fairness to Beau though he was excellent and slept right through the night until about eight the following morning.

He really is so funny at the moment and he has these little tantrums and sulks if things aren’t going his way. He will suddenly huff and puff and then stand bolt upright dropping his head forward until his chin is on his chest; then pout out his bottom lip.

Actually from the side profile he looks a bit like a younger version of Alfred Hitchcock.

Then if he gets no reaction he will throw down his treasured ‘bib bib’ comfort cloth which he carries everywhere. And if we still choose to still ignore him he might stamp a foot and look directly at us with a deep angry frown.

He also makes these hilarious statements  lately when you ask him to do anything. Stuff like “I can’t do that, i’m too sad” or “I can’t talk” or “I can’t walk” anything other than actually do what is being asked of him.

Anyway once he had finished with the pre-madonna tactics we decided to take him over to the ‘Hilsea Lido’ which is an outdoor pool that is currently being updated and restored.

Five local artists had recently come together to create this amazing bright and vibrant graffiti mural; which can be seen clearly from the motorway beyond. The eye which is featured on my blog entry today was painted by ‘My Dog Sighs’ one of the very talented artists involved.

It depicts in its reflection how the Lido used to look back in the day.

Other artists present included Fark FK, Mimic, Lex and Dharma. Superb talent. I think the artwork is incredible. IMG_9957 So if you should ever find yourself over in our part of town give me a shout; I will happily keep an eye out for you!

4 thoughts on “‘Eye Spy’

  1. This little video has infused my heart with a multitude of delights! Yes, I love the blues harp and I am blown away by your grandson’s musical abilities (and yours), but it is the energy connection between you and he that touches me so profoundly. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

    • I hope fizztext who is responsible for the little video can get to read these lovely comments. I couldn’t agree with you more it’s a real treat to watch.
      Thank you for stopping by my friend

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