‘Late Curtain Call’


I walked along the Southsea seafront this morning taking in some crisp fresh sea air and of course I wanted to check out the work going on over at the pier.

From the outside it still looking much the same although I do know that a lot of the work being carried out was heavy structural work. However once this has been completed then presumably they can begin to address the cosmetic appearance.

I know that the working conditions though are set to change dramatically if the weather forecast is to be believed?

Forecasters are suggesting that the UK are going to witness much higher than usual temperatures from Wednesday onwards. In fact they are predicting that it will be hotter here than in Spain or Greece.

Phew…let’s all hope that they are correct in their assumption.

Today’s image then is of one of the hotels and public bars on our seafront. In fact ‘the Coast bar’ is quite a popular drinking venue and is situated virtually opposite the South Parade.

So whilst I was standing there looking at this front elevation from the promenade I noticed that all of their curtains inside the hotel had been rather neatly gathered up. All that was except for one set.

Now then I thought to myself; was this possibly a late riser who maybe had enjoyed a few more drinks at the bar than the others last night? Or was perhaps someone who had left a ‘do not disturb’ sign on their door handle and was relishing that extra hour in bed having skipped morning breakfast?

Either way I guess that the chambermaids were waiting eagerly to get in and to tidy up the room in preparation for the next guest.

Mind you if they are arriving from mid-week onwards and I were I to pop down again and capture this image again; then all of these south facing windows would possibly then be wide open to the elements.

Wide open in an effort to capture any hint of a breeze that might be blowing across from the seaside opposite as we all bask in the 29 degree heat wave and sip on our ice cold pina coladas?


2 thoughts on “‘Late Curtain Call’

  1. this is beautiful photo and interesting article. I have to observe carefully to see which part of the ‘room’ that the curtain had not being gathered up… ha ha.. may be the person is a late riser. or may be the chambermaids forgot to gather it up.

    • Good morning my lovely friend. Thank you so much for your most welcome comments about my blog image. It was very kind of you to stop by. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the image.

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