IMG_9575 Back over visiting Chichester the other day whilst my better half went shopping with her mum.

Having spent a couple of very enjoyable hours exploring a few of my regular haunts over there I decided that I might wander over towards the Cathedral grounds and maybe grab some lunch in their restaurant.

Then as I was heading up through town I distinctly heard the barking of a dog; although at the time the origin of this elusive bark were not immediately apparent.

There was however one very small and noticeably quiet pup who was being walked past the steps of these premises above but she wasn’t making a sound as she pranced by me with her proud owner in tow.

Soon afterwards the noise of the barking abated and I then see this trendy ’60s’ fashion loving mother and her little girl along with their own cute little dog came tripping down these stairs straight in front of me.

The trendy mum though was obviously distracted as she turned to walk up through town; more than likely thinking about which shop they were to visit next.

Perhaps one which welcomed dogs?

So as she walked away I watched her little daughter also distracted but for different reasons as she wrestled with her dog trying desperately to get him to turn around the opposite way and rejoin the mother.

The little dog though was having none of it! He was totally distracted by the other dog (female) whom he seemed very determined to pursue.

Eventually though the little girl did manage to regain control and get his attention; then they both ran off together to catch up with mum who by this time was well up ahead completely unaware of what had just happened behind her; and no doubt still contemplating where they ought to shop next.

Still… No RUSH eh?

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