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Just wanted to say ‘good evening to Alice Stef and Emma the three young teenagers I had the privilege to meet today whilst I was over in Commercial Road Portsmouth today.

I was walking back to the car park with my missus when I first saw the girls sitting on this concrete structure.

Using this large bubble wand they were sending off their extra large bubbles up the street; trying in their own way to bring a little bit of cheer to the shoppers who were out and about.

They just all looked like they were really enjoying themselves and  I thought the way that they had quite naturally composed themselves there looked like it would make for an interesting street photograph or two?

So I quickly unlinked my arm away from my missus and slowly walked over towards them in the hope of capturing a few shots.

After a bit of a bit of a clumsy introduction I explained to the girls who I was and a little bit about my street photography blog; I also promised them that I would put their images up this evening by way of a ‘thank you’ from me to them for allowing me take their picture.

Today was apparently the hottest day of the year so far; according to the forecast that is?

So for me these images in tonight’s little slideshow really represent the official start to our summer.

I have spent most of my professional life working with young people and so  I am therefore always interested to see them out enjoying themselves and just being young people.

It’s unfortunate these days but many kids this age often tend to get a bit of a bad press and are frequently criticised for being up to no good.

Well I can assure their parents that these three were all very friendly and extremely polite with a great sense of humour.

So thanks again girls I really do hope that you eventually found the blog site and are now reading about yourselves. I also hope that you are pleased with the images I managed to get of you all and which are now being seen around the globe?

It was a pleasure meeting you all today and cheers for sharing your bubble experience with the many followers out there in the blogosphere.

Sorry your mates missed out on being in the photograph, please apologise to them for me won’t you?

2 thoughts on “‘Bubbles’

  1. It was amazing meeting you today Bob! You’re blog is really interesting and I love what you have written about us! Thank you for taking the pictures of us.
    From Emma 😊

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