‘Light Snack’

IMG_3944Spent the morning down at Southsea and had a good walk along the length of the seafront.

As mentioned in previous blogs the cafe which I tend to pop into called ‘Rocksbys’; is conveniently placed about halfway through the walk I usually take between Eastney and Clarence Parade.

The best thing about this place is that the staff are all polite and accommodating and I can usually always get a seat by the window to look out at the sea and to read my morning papers.

This particular morning though my usual seat by the window had been taken and this elderly couple were enjoying a morning snack and chatting away to each other.

I sat myself opposite and opened the paper after first ordering a mug of tea and a soft egg in a roll. Lining up the salt and pepper I decided that the light coming through the cafe window reflecting on the facial outlines of these two characters looked quite interesting.

Folding my newspaper in half I then lined up the camera and focused it over in their general direction before slowly pressing the shutter.

I didn’t bother to review the shot at this time as my breakfast had just arrived and I was looking forward to smothering the egg with pepper and just a pinch of salt before ritualistically bursting the yolk.

But then luck must have been with me; because directly after this the two people in today’s image then stood up and cleared their table before heading out together along the prom.

This was obviously my cue to swiftly move tables and then to settle back down before biting into my egg roll sending the bright yellow yolk spilling all over my fingers.

And as I sat there eating and drinking tea whilst staring out the window I thought I should took a quick ‘chimp’ at the image I had just captured.

Mmmm I nodded to myself. That’s not too bad, not too bad at all!

2 thoughts on “‘Light Snack’

  1. Morning my friend
    The cafe usually open both doors so this creates a nice through draught.
    It’s a nice place to sit
    Hope you’re well and thanks for stopping by

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