‘In the Frame’

IMG_9977 What can I say.

I was just so taken at the sight of this wonderful colourful and somewhat eccentric old lady.

She had such a lovely smiley friendly attitude about her and was dressed as only this lady could dress. I waited for her to get close and watched with interest as she constantly appeared to check out any odd bits and pieces of litter or debris discarded on the pavement.

Her silver hair neatly held in place with this sparkly red and white ribbon and her warm powder blue fleece adorned with Emperor penguins and their young. Those twirling delicate silver earrings and her glasses placed studiously half way down her nose.

The colourful summer frock and this absolutely unique shopping bag displaying a range of chickens and roosters and their associated eggs. Her brown ankle socks and velcro slip ons rounding everything off to perfection.

On her rather dapper three wheeled walking frame complete with its own dual braking system she had placed her handbag and her white sun-visor.

Then taped in pride of place to the front of this was one sweet little Beefeater Bear mascot. This was obviously a firm favourite with her; and it would appear he had the privilege of both guarding and accompanying her on her travels through Chichester.

I nodded to her as she got nearer and holding the camera up I quickly checked that she was okay about being photographed. Truth be known she was in no way put out at all by and in fact returned me the warmest of smiles.

I nodded my thanks and as I walked towards her she immediately continued her vigilant observations as she slowly but steadily moved through the town.

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