‘Sandwich Time’

IMG_0094Well now; unusually for me I found I had a bit of spare time on my hands and so I drove over to Chichester.

When I left at approximately 11.00am the sun was shining in the heavens and all seemed okay with the world. It was though nevertheless one of those shall I take a jacket or maybe a jumper type of days?

As I drove up the dual carriageway at about 60mph I had a bit of John Denver on the old USB stick and was happily singing along to myself recalling all those years ago when I was a folk singer doing the clubs and pubs circuits around Hampshire.

Happy times indeed but sadly all just a distant memory these days. Anyways; there was me and John hitting the high notes as I parked the van and suddenly realised my drivers window and passenger door windows were wide open! Obviously people in the car park began staring and so embarrassingly I wound up the windows of the van and shuffled coyly over to purchase a ticket.

Pretty soon I was away from the glare of the admiring public gathered in the car park and instead walking through Chichester again. Checking the time on the Buttercross clock up ahead of me I decided that I might buy myself a pasty and a drink and maybe sit down in the sunshine a while; just taking in the scenery about me you understand?

Anyway as I tucked into my pasty this fellah arrives and sits directly opposite me and carefully removes a cheese and onion sarnie from his back-pack. I then think “hang on a minute Bob my old mate; this could make for an interesting capture?”

So I put down my pasty and pick up the camera which I had previously set up. “Professional or what?” I then point the lens over towards this unsuspecting sandwich snacker and click…the deed is done.

Then shortly after this image was taken the gentleman got up and walked over placing the paper wrapper into one of the litter bins nearby. Then as he walked away he did that thing I think we all do?

Patting both pockets on the front of his jeans he stops and turns around to look back at where he had just been sitting. Then as he walks away again once more he stops and repeats this ritual; just to be doubly sure that he had definitely left nothing behind.

I am just as bad though and did this exact same thing as I left the van in the car park.

I locked it but as I walked away I just had to look back. Not just once though I had to do it TWICE!


Well in this case the gentleman in shot hadn’t left a single thing behind him as it happened.

Except of course this as yet unseen image which I managed to capture of him today and for which I thank him sincerely.

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