IMG_0017I don’t honestly have too much to say about tonight’s blog entry.

Except that I was particularly impressed by the individual levels of concentration so unknowingly demonstrated by these two elderly gentlemen whom I spotted; both sitting back to back on the extreme corners of this street bench in Chichester.

Their respective partners were both somewhere shopping in one of the many stores; and so their preference instead had been to remain outside in the fresh air and to do a bit of casual street activity observations.

What really amused me with these two though; was that neither gentleman despite being in such close proximity appeared even vaguely aware of each others presence?

The empty spaces either side of them were where their partners had been sitting with them previously; and so when they left them to go off looking for bargains so both gents remained where they were.

Eventually though as each of them surveyed the separate comings and goings taking place in front of them; so the gentleman in the forefront went to pick up his bag. He then did a bit of a double take looking almost shocked to suddenly see this other fella sitting directly alongside him.

They each then shared a brief smile of acknowledgement before returning to the task in hand and watching the world go by whilst they waited for their ladies to return.

And they waited and they waited and they waited.

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