‘Girly Chat and a Hidden Cat’

IMG_0098Once again there I was over at Chichester having an hour or two quality time with the camera and I notice these four young women pull up some chairs and settle themselves in for a coffee break.

Within just a few minutes though they were all chattering away to one another and sharing some of what I think is referred to as serious ‘girly chat?’

Now I am of course unable to quantify exactly what this ‘girly chat’ conversation entailed or indeed what the main focus of their discussion might have been. Suffice it to say though they were all extremely animated.

Then just at the point which this shot was taken they all suddenly appeared quite shocked and taken aback at something which had just been shared by the young woman on the far right of shot.

Almost immediately afterwards though they then all suddenly burst out into fits of laughter wiping tears from their faces. So whatever it was that had just been said obviously caused much more of a reaction than was initially anticipated?

I then walked on up through the town until eventually I returned back to this spot a short while later.

And there they all were; all still sitting outside the cafe in the sunshine and each sipping the coffee from their disposable drinks cartons.

By then though it was time for me to get back to the van back in the car park.

Once I got home though; I did as I always tend to do. I briefly looked through and selected and edited some of the better shots I had managed to capture that particular day.

It was only then that I happened to notice one tiny delicate abstract tattoo of a cat inked onto the skin of one of the girls in my shot.

Obviously this was not something that had been immediately apparent to me at the time I took this photograph; and it is very subtle.

But if you look closely enough I’m sure you could find it?

Hope the sun is shining where you are today?

It’s beautiful here in UK.

5 thoughts on “‘Girly Chat and a Hidden Cat’

    • Hell Bruce my friend.
      You are indeed correct in your assumptions. Quite the menagerie!
      Really enjoying your blog by the way. Keep up the good work.

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