IMG_9872Took this picture of our Beau last week when he and I and his nan were down in Southsea.

So as it’s Sunday today and the topic I use for for the day is ‘Family’ this seemed quite appropriate.

As you are probably aware by now if you happen to be a regular visitor to my blog page; our Beau has two main places that he regularly requests we visit.

Firstly we have to go see the Dinosaur over at the Butterfly Museum and then the lake. However before we do either of these things though we usually give him his absolutely most favourite lunch ever which consists of a small tin of sausage and beans cooked up in the back of my van. This he follows with a smoothie drink or perhaps a carton of yoghurt.

Then once he has been fed and watered all three of us will normally wander across to the swing park where he will play a while in their sandpit. Once he’s built a few roads and dug a few holes and he has half the sandpit in his shoes we will walk the perimeter of Canoe Lake before usually ending up on the Seafront.

We then might walk over to the South Parade Pier; sometimes taking in a coffee en-route.

Then at some point he takes my hand and we will wander onto the pebble beach to gather up skimming stones for him to cast out over the waves.

He is always great company and is real little character these days. One though who is beginning to develop a really strong will! (Just like his mother you know!)

But don’t tell her I said that now will you?

I hope your own Sunday is going well for you today?

Personally; me and my missus have been out ‘over socialising’ again.

(This is becoming a bit of a habit for us of late)

Friday evening our daughter Jo and her fella Stef treated us to what can only be described as a fabulous meal out at Restaurant 27.

This is a really excellent place to dine folks and I can highly recommend it. It’s a lovely setting and the staff there are absolutely faultless in their customer care.

Their food is incredibly exciting and completely delightful on the palate. Β It’s all so original and beautifully artistically presented.

Also the ‘maitre d’ is simply one of the nicest blokes you are likely to meet honestly he is brilliant.

So if you live in or near Southsea what you waiting for…GO!

I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Saturday we had a nightmare trying to put up a crystal chandelier in our upstairs bathroom (coz we’re proper posh we are you know)

Anyway once this had been put up it then refused to switch on or off!

So after two or three hours of swearing (my wife this was by way of a change) In desperation I contacted a mate who told me not to stress and instead he arrived at our front door and took us to a brilliant barbeque at his house for the afternoon.

Here we were spoilt rotten and possibly drank a little too much alcohol.

He then more than kindly brought us both back home again and duly fixed the lighting problem in only about thirty minutes.

You’re a Top man Ricky!

So today we are both recovering…very slowly and very very quietly!

6 thoughts on “‘Beau’

    • Hello lovely Tish. I am most grateful for your very kind comments regarding our Beau’s photograph. I will tell him what you said and of course his parents. They will be proud as punch!
      I hope that you are well and happy my friend? Keep in touch xx

      • I am well, Bob, and I trust you are in fine fettle too. I always assume you are because you take such cracking photos. The ones you take of Beau are so very special though. He is truly well named.

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