‘Pickpockets Beware’

L1080635Now there’s one thing people often forget when they are out and about in busy and popular resorts like here in Southsea Funfair.

And that is the very real possibility of encountering ‘pickpockets’ or ‘chancers’ If you are not fully on the ball these days regarding your immediate surroundings or the now common practice of distraction thefts; then unfortunately there will always be those more unsavoury characters out there to take full advantage.

It is therefore vital that people try always to keep their possessions close and that they remember to zip up their carry bags etc.

That is why I was quite impressed to observe these two friends who were enjoying some time quality time together down here in the arcades.

There are loads of machines where for just a few coppers you can chance your luck and maybe come away with a prize.

But for this one lady at least; seen here to the right of my image. Even the temptation of this machine and it’s brightly flashing lights and shrieking siren screams, plus all that latest chart music blasting out around her.

She was definitely taking no chances whatsoever.

Having just placed her money into the slot machine in an attempt to win one of the very popular ‘Minion’ soft toys available. She then very cleverly and conscientiously secured her purse somewhere that could only be described as the safest place imaginable!

Now that is what you call initiative… is it not?

Somehow I think it a fairly positive assumption that this young lady had either experienced such problems in the past and since decided that this was the best solution in order for her to outwit any further potential pickpockets or chancers.

Actually I thought that this might make a really good Police Pickpocket Awareness poster?

What do you think?

Perhaps with a strapline that reads “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PURSE IS?”

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this particular young lady knows exactly where hers is?

“Pickpockets Beware!”

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