IMG_9134Out walking along the prom at Southsea yesterday and the cloud formations looked amazing.

I strolled down onto the beach and fired off a few shots endeavouring to capture the interesting effects which the light was creating over the water and on the sand. The views over onto the Isle of Wight yesterday were incredibly vivid and you could easily make out virtually all of the major landmarks comfortably with the naked eye.

Many small yachts and water-craft could clearly be seen bobbing about and enjoying the warmth of the mid day sun.

So I was quite happily standing there just experimenting with a few different exposures on my camera and trying out a range of angles when this young lady here in shot came over with her little child and asked me if I knew whether the the Pier was open to the public yet.

I told her that as far as I was aware of it was not yet fully open and that there was still a large degree of structural alteration being undertaken.

She thanked me and then smiling she picked up her little boy and together they slowly strolled away along the shoreline. Then looking behind me I noticed abandoned there on the beach were one bright yellow sand bucket and one small pair of black flip flops.

“Don’t forget your stuff here” I called out to her. She turned around and laughed “Oh it’s fine thank you” she responded again with a smile “We won’t be going up as far as the pier after all and besides I love the feel of the wet sand between my toes”

Then as she walked on her way I quickly captured this image of them both before crunching my own way back up to the Prom.

Not through the beautiful soft wet sand though; but instead through the multitude of dense pebbles which lay ahead of me.

4 thoughts on “‘Shoreline’

    • Hello Rob. Yes we are indeed fortunate to live a mile or two from two or three wonderful beaches.
      I really appreciate your stopping by and thanks a lot for your kind comment my friend.
      Hope you’re well?

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