‘Mr Fix It’

IMG_0122Wow today has turned out to be a scorcher. I feel sorry for our neighbours who are muslim as it’s the start of Ramadan and as I understand it they have a particularly long time of fasting ahead of them.

Me though I am back on my fitness regime and taking regular walks and getting out on the old bike along the seafront. And so today; just by way of a change I headed out over to Hayling Island for an hour or two.

‘The Ship’ public house en-route was full of families. Some of whom were out in the gardens sitting on the benches enjoying a cold drink and some food together. Others were busy splashing about in the water; and those less adventurous had simply kicked off their flip flops and were quite happily lost in a book.

I soon found myself up on the seafront past the lifeboat tower where I treated myself to an ice cream. Then I strolled along pushing the bike beside me. I even managed to capture a couple of interesting shots on the way.

Looking further up the road though I noticed this gentleman park his car alongside one of the many beach huts over here and then commence to rehydrate himself with some fluid before removing the heavy metal strip which is used to secure the padlocks at the top and bottom of the entrance doors of the huts.

I was actually standing for quite a few minutes very close to him before I actually took the shot. He however continued on with what he was doing straightening out this length of metal using a small hammer he had retrieved from his back-pack. He was so well organised this gentleman and even had a foldaway ladder with him.

But for some reason unknown to myself I remain puzzled by the fact that there were a spare pair of trainers placed neatly by his back-pack on the beach?

It was obvious he was making every effort to ensure that this particular beach hut was as secure as it possibly could be and was going to be padlocked up properly just in case anyone should attempt to gain entry during the hot summer evenings ahead.

He was very proud of his little dwelling and in all fairness to him it was immaculately maintained and beautifully painted.

Personally I have no ‘Do it yourself’ skills whatsoever and I am in no way a ‘Mr Fix it’

In point of fact if I were to have a carpentry business it would probably be aptly named ‘Bojit and Scarper’

So putting the camera back into my own back pack I then cycled off along the grit road in front of me before veering off into Mengham Village where I stopped off for a coffee before returning back home pondering that inevitable and ever challenging dilemma; “Guinness in the pub gardens… or straight back home?”

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