‘Kaden Meg and Diesel’


Hayling Island with the tide on is it’s way back in and the sun shining high above the beach really does take a bit of beating.

Kaden and Megan are sadly both of an age now where posing for photographs no longer holds that much appeal. Occasionally though they will be accommodating if the mood takes them; but more often than not they are off enjoying life which after all is the most important thing for them to be doing.

So because they both prefer to avoid the camera I now only tend to get any half decent shots if they are otherwise occupied; which in the image above they most definitely were.

Amazingly Diesel the Boxer is just over one year old now, Kaden is almost eleven and our Meg is aged eight.

Looking back the dog has become a brilliant addition to this growing family and he is an integral part of everything that they all tend to enjoy together; especially if this involves a beach!

So despite the fact that the shot does not show their happy smiling faces and all we see of Diesel is his butt! I can assure you all reading this that they were having the time of their lives running in and out of the water with the dog who is convinced of course that he is also human.

Diesel spent the majority of his time tearing into the sea to retrieve a tennis ball which he had managed to purloin from another friendly dog walker who was exercising his one year old chocolate labrador.

This dog was totally disinterested in Diesel and instead was joyously galumphing about the sand with one full size rugby ball clamped in his mouth.

We all had a great walk and I ended up with our little Harri draped over my shoulder wrapped inside a towel to keep warm.

It’s special days like these which are all too fleetingly gone.

Back at the car park we all piled into the car together after the kids had removed their wet costumes and wrapped themselves up.

The dog was also given his vigorous rub down with a dampish towel and offered a drink of fresh water. It was then decided that we treat the kids and ourselves to a McDonalds meal over at the ‘Drive Through’

So for the total sum of twenty British pounds we all sat there in the vehicle soaking up the remaining sunshine; each with our individual meal choices and drinks.

Still with the tastes and the smells of the salt water on our arms and hands and lips.

By the way; even Diesel got a generous piece of chicken (meat only of course) eventually. So then Dunc dropped us off home and they then returned home. All of us extremely tired and the younger ones feeling sleepy but blissfully happy having just created yet another family memory.

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